Empower Women through Brand Design and
Digital Marketing Skills


Course Overview:
Empower Her Business is a comprehensive program designed to equip women entrepreneurs with the essential skills to create visually stunning advertisements and effectively market their products on social media platforms. The course will focus on Adobe Photoshop for designing various promotional materials, such as brochures, social media marketing posts, e-flyers, and guide participants in promoting and selling their products on eBay.



Specifically, the target group could include:

Women Entrepreneurs: Individuals who have started their own businesses or are planning to launch one.

Small Business Owners: Women managing small businesses who want to improve their online marketing strategies and graphic design skills.

Artisans and Crafters: Those involved in creative businesses, such as handmade products, crafts, or unique artistic endeavors.


Online Sellers: Women looking to enhance their online selling skills, especially on platforms like eBay.

Aspiring Social Media Influencers: Individuals aiming to build a personal brand and leverage social media for business growth.


Marketing Enthusiasts: Women interested in learning about digital marketing, with a focus on creating visually appealing content.


About the Trainer
Juliana Jey Trainer Profile MBA ( UK ) BSC (Hons ) IT , CIW, MCP

With more than 15 years of experience in Corporate Training, Juliana Jey has been instrumental not only in reshaping the mindsets of professionals to embrace technology based marketing but has also played a huge role in improving the overall IT related skills and knowledge of the employees. Clients (Employers) and Employees alike, have both been nothing short of praises for the excellent Photoshop with Facebook Marketing workshop conducted. Having conducted over 100 workshops, Juliana is a well reputed expert in Graphics and the Web Industry. Some of the most notable brands she has worked with include: Mas Holdings, Nokia, Dell, Panasonic, John Keels, Nolimit and etc.







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